With My Girl in Paris

It’s a rare treat to spend 2 days alone with my little girl, let alone 2 days with a world capital to explore! I remember all that delicious time spent one-on-one with Zoel before Leeloo was born, and even when she was still a baby. But the second child (and I imagine even more the 3rd, 4th, etc…) comes into a much busier world, ¬†filled with school, playdates, lessons and other activities, all of which leaves us less time to focus on who that particular child is (or is becoming), what fires her up, and what she thinks about all that surrounds her. For that reason, I loved having these couple of days alone with my seven-year old, as Stefan and Zoel worked on a project elsewhere in Paris. Her constantly-moving, gleeful self is always a joy to be around, and her sharp sense of humor kept me laughing so that I almost didn’t notice my frozen toes. But beyond the fun we had, I think I understand her just a wee bit more than I did last week. In a few years, it probably won’t feel that way at all, but for right now, mom and daughter are sharing a lovely time, together.

Our first day of exploring started with a stroke of luck. We arrived at the Louvre to find a line that wound around and around the inner courtyard and out through one of the palace archways into the street. It would have taken hours to get inside, so we thought we’d rather find something else to do, but before leaving we decided to take a peek at some statues that are visible near the Richelieu side of the building. There, a lovely woman, let us slip in through a side door. We couldn’t believe it. In seconds, we were through security and inside! Merci beaucoup unknown entrance guard!
Leeloo’s absolute favorite area was Egyptian Antiquities. The girl’s got a thing for hieroglyphics and all the secrets they hold.
Leeloo took this pic of a Lady Liberty predecessor in the hall of Northern European Sculptures.


Feeling regal in the Galerie D’Apollon.
Leeloo was impressed with all those ceiling frescoes. This is her pic of the one right outside the Galerie D’Apollon.


She was even more taken with Napoleon III’s Apartments in the Louvre. Here, she tries to eat the salon’s enormous chandelier.
Of course, seeing Lady Lisa close up, was pretty exciting.
Leeloo embraces her French side, with Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People.
At the top of the Torre Eiffel with Paris at her feet.
Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 11.14.35 AM
Spider Girl. Evidently not afraid of heights.
Eiffel Tower Selfie.



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