Bolognese Winter

“At a certain point, you say to the woods, to the sea, to the mountains, the world: Now I am ready. Now I will stop and be wholly attentive. You empty yourself and wait, listening.”               –Annie Dillard

With all the talk of cold and snow over there on the right-hand side of the page, I’ve been a little hesitant to mention the mild Bolognese winter. I’m feeling just a little guilty that temperatures have barely fallen below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and that we’ve had just one smattering of snow, which stuck around for all of 3 hours. Friends here say that it’s been exceptionally clement weather, that it’s usually much colder and damp, and that we could still get some snow days in February or March. The kids would be thrilled! They’re more than a little envious of the ridiculous number of snow days their friends are getting, and of all those hours of sledding that they’re missing. But they also appreciate (as do I!) that they can ride bikes down our road in sweatshirts, or continue a sword fight outside in the yard without stopping to put on three layers of clothes, or in Leeloo’s case, that she can step out in pjs, straight after breakfast to build fairy houses. Even though we’ve had it pretty easy so far, we’re still looking forward to Spring with its bluer skies, less fog and rain (hopefully) and warmer weather. Although I’d really like one shot at sledding down this giant, steep hill next to the wheat field… but it can wait!

Out for a spin under the low winter sky. (Photo Cred: My sister, Lorena Alvarez.)
Winter accommodations for Tink and the Gang.
Fairy house in the sun.


Our one snowfall so far…






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