Friday Night Dinner 10

What We’re Eating and Drinking – Whatever my husband decides to make, open and/or buy when he gets here…



Christine: I’d be happy to sit back and eat olives and watch Stef make dinner tonight, too. I’m glad you’ll have a break from cooking and care-taking for the night. I’m thinking you need comfort food–something that brings you back to your childhood or, really, any of the thirteen kinds of pasta that your husband has perfected. A big cheers to you for making it through this frustrating week. Eat and sleep well! 


What We’re Talking About – Silver Linings

I’ve told my sad story way too many times this week, so I’ll refrain from doing it again here (but you can read about it here and here.) In brief, I found myself without a driver’s license in the middle of a field on Sunday night, with the whole week’s schedule of appointments for me, and school and other activities for the kids looping in my head, and with no Stefan around. (He was the star guest professor at a design school in Tel Aviv for the week, where he was rocking the world and minds of young Israelis.) So, not a lot of sleeping happened that night as I tried to shake off the willies the cops (see earlier posts) had given me, and figure out a way to move these children and myself around. Monday morning came quickly when my eyes shot open at the thought of all of this, despite it only being 5:30am. Anyway, schedules were shuffled, activities canceled, taxis and buses taken, but there was a silver lining behind these stress-filled clouds – you thought I would never get there, didn’t you? – It was our community of newly made friends who instantaneously and happily pitched in to help us. I owe thanks to 5 moms in particular who drove us home (to another town!) or to activities, helping us keep our taxi tab in check, and many others who offered to drive us or helped us figure out bus information, or were happy to take a kid where she or he needed to be. And on Tuesday, a beautiful sunny day, I was invited to have lunch right off the main piazza with a lovely group of moms, with whom I shared a few bottles of prosecco, great food and stories that spread a smile across my face, and got me through that afternoon. I’m still exhausted as we head towards Friday Night Dinner, but without their help, I might not have made it through the week without my head exploding, and certainly the kids couldn’t have gotten to where they needed to be. Grazie, Gracias, Thank you, and Merci to all of you. I could certainly use a real Friday Night Dinner with my old friends tonight, but since we can only meet up virtually, I’ll thank you here for sending some lovin’ via internet, and caring for me from afar! Please also tell Noah that we’re so proud of him… how cool to be going to the DI Globals in Knoxville! And in other happy news, I just realized that this is our 10th Friday Night Dinner post! We’re on a roll!

Christine: I’m so glad to hear of the friends and helpers and moms you have There who came to your rescue this week. I think it feels like you belong to a place only after you have found a friend or two whom you can call upon when you need a cup of sugar or a ride to the market. And to be able to lose yourself in their company and conversation for a few hours–well that’s the best treatment for any ailment of the heart or mind. I am so impressed that you are making lemonade out of these lemons so quickly! I mean, sure, finding-the-silver-lining is the healthiest way to deal with a crisis, but wallowing in it is sometimes so much easier. I’m looking forward to catching up via Skype this weekend and hearing all about the details regarding what happens next and about Stef’s stay in Israel. What a whirlwind week you’ve had!
















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