Photo Tour of April in Bologna

The temperatures are also in the 70s here, (see across the page for more about the glorious shift in weather that’s occurring in the Northeast of the U.S.) so I thought we might take a walk around Bologna’s center.

In the bright sunshine, Bologna’s rose- and terra-cotta- colored buildings look as if they’ve just been freshly painted.
Gelaterias open their doors once again, and University of Bologna students take an ice cream break.
Neptune greets us in Piazza Maggiore.
The water fountain at Neptune’s feet again beckons residents and tourists.
Mini-skirts swing and shirt buttons open on Via D’Azeglio.
New Spring suits and ladies clothes dress the windows along the Via.
Here’s a purchase I should look into, so I can get rid of my bulky bike rack!

Someone I know and a group of friends are in Piazza Maggiore for snack-time after visiting the “Ciocco (Chocolate) Science Lab” inside the Palazzo, just as the scaffolding finally comes down in front of the San Petronio Cathedral.

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